What Circular Norway work with 

Circular Norway want to be driving force when it comes to Norway's development towards a circular economy. We work in several different areas.   

We want to create circular cities. Cities are the center of human activity. By 2050, 68 per cent of the world's population is expected to live in cities. Therefore, effective governance of cities is crucial for the global scale. We need to find solutions that determine how we can use resources and materials more efficiently in cities.

The future business models are circular. Therefore, it is important to implement programs that makes it easier for businesses to adjust towards a circular economy. We want to create circular business strategies. It is illustrated below how we can achieve this. 

Network creates innovation, learning and connections. Circular Norway believes that cooperation across different sectors is important. That's why we work with different programs when it comes to network.  

Reports and insight give us new ideas and knowledge. Circular Norway believes this is an important tool when it comes to getting knowledge and information about circular economy.  

  7  key principles

There are 7 key principles in the circular economy. These principles make it easier for the business community to understand how they can implement innovative business models to become more circular.

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