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       Why is circular cities important? 

”Our struggle for global sustainability will be won or lost in cities”

- Ban Ki-moon, 8th Secretary-General of the United Nations

Cities are the center of human activity. By 2050, 68 percent of the world's population is expected to live in cities. This rapid growth can aggregate serious social challenges; from unemployment and inequality, to pollution and climate change. Therefore, effective governance of cities is crucial for the global scale. Today, only 9 percent of the world's resources are circular. As a result cities is placed in a dangerous position to widen the global circular gap. Seeing that 70 percent of the global greenhouse gas emission comes from cities. 


It doesn’t stop at that, 75 percent of the world’s resources are used in cities, thus they face many modern environmental challenges. 

Simultaneous, cities can also be seen as an crucial force for economic growth in the world, considering that they produce around 70 percent of the globale resources. This indicates that it is necessary to find solutions that determine how we can use resources and materials more efficiently in cities. 


That’s why we must create circular cities.





Circular Norway offers programmes that will help regions, municipalities and businesses to adjust to a circular future.

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Are you connected to a city-, business - or like-minded organizations and wish to learn more about how you can play a key role in a circular future?