Sirkulær økonomi en håndbok

Sirkulærøkonomi – en håndbok – versjon 1

Legal/copyright notice

Acknowledgement of Walter R. Stahel invitation and approval to translate and publish the book as electronic book.

Norwegian translation of Walter R. Stahel original manuscript «Circular economy – A users guide» 03. June 2019 © SINTEF AS, 2019, ISBN: 978‐82‐14‐06353‐0

This is based on material that SINTEF AS has received permission to translate and host. However, please note that this material is protected by copyright and can only be reproduced or distributed for non‐ commercial purposes, as specified by the copyright holder(s).

The translation of original manuscript (‐Circular‐Economy‐A‐Users‐Guide 1st‐Edition/Stahel/p/book/9780367200176) was performed by Kristin Eikeland (Comprendo Language Services) in close cooperation with Kyrre Sundseth, Vibeke Nørstebø, Sigrid Damman (SINTEF). Front‐page, and figures with Norwegian text and designed by Tone Heggenhougen (SINTEF). Front‐page background photo by Shutterstock. Translation of figure text from English to Norwegian by Vibeke Nørstebø.