Circular Economy; What we want to know and can measure

Circular Economy: What we want to know and can measure. Framework and baseline assessment for monitoring the progress of the circular economy in the Netherland

This is a report as a result of the national strategy of the Netherlands to go circular by 2050. This report aim to find indicators to monitor the transition process and effects so far.

In this report, we propose indicators for monitoring both the transition process and the effects achieved. We are already able to monitor the effects to some extent, in particular the effects of natural resource consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and waste and waste treatment


Report produced by the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency

Written by; José Potting and Aldert Hanemaaijer (eds.) (PBL) Roel Delahaye and Rutger Hoekstra (CBS) Jurgen Ganzevles and Johannes Lijzen (RIVM)