Building Value, a pathway to circular construction finance

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Community of practice,

The transition to a Circular Economy requires innovative business models that stimulate optimised use of repairable products, reusable components and recycling of materials. A Community of Practice (CoP) was established in which experts from differ-ent fields collaborated to improve the financeability of circular construction. CoP members engaged in a case of social housing corporation Eigen Haard. This report retraces the ‘learning-by-doing’ trajectory of this Community of Practice. It provides tools to unlock the potential of circular construction busi-ness models.


Circular Construction,

Circular construction requires a different way of looking at both the process and product of construction. When looking at the process, an empty site provides a different starting point from a site with a building that will be dismounted: in designing a circular building, one first reviews what is already there. Reusing elements, products and materials, from the same site or
a different location, is prioritized over procuring new ones. When looking at the product, buildings can be seen as a collection of layers1: each layer has a different function, subset of elements, products and materials, and lifespan.