Reports and insights

We can utilize reports and insights as methods to obtain new knowledge. That is why Circular Norway believes in good reports on the circular economy. On these sites, you can find a selection of reports we think are important. There are a selection of reports produced by other organizations as well as some reports produced by us in Circular Norway. Together with several actors, we started the Circularity Gap Report Norway.

Title: Circular Economics in the Construction, Property and Real estate Industry
Release: February 2019
Publisher: RENAS

In collaboration with: Circular Norway

Title: Norwegian circular economy 2018

Release: 2018

Publisher: Circular Norway

Title: Circular Kongsvinger region Phase 1 & 2

Release: April 2020

Publisher: Circular Norway

In collaboration with: Kongsvinger municipality og Circle Economy

Tittel: Sirkulærøkonomi i bygge-, anleggs-, og eiedomsnæringen
Utgivelse: Februar 2019
Utgiver: RENAS

I samarbeid med: Circular Norway

Tittel: Circular Kongsvinger region Phase 3 & 4

Utgivelse: December 2020

Utgiver: Circular Norway

I samarbeid med: Kongsvinger Kommune og Circle Economy

Title: Global Resources outlook 2019-Natural Resources for the future we want.
Release: 2019
Publisher: UN environment 

In collaboration with: International Resource Panel


Tittel: Implementing Circular economy globally makes Paris targets achievable 

Utgivelse: N/D

Utgiver: Circle Economy

I samarbeid med: ECOFYS


Tittel: Circular economy: what we want to know and can measure- framework and baseline assessment for monitoring the progress of the circular economy in the Netherlands 

Utgivelse: July 2018

Utgiver: PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency


Tittel: The EIB Circular Economy Guide- Supporting the circular transition
Utgivelse: October 2018
Utgiver: European Investment Bank



Tittel: Implementing Circular economy globally makes Paris targets achievable 

Utgivelse: March 2019

Utgiver: European Commission


Tittel: Linear Risk

Utgivelse: May 2018

Utgiver: Circle Economy

I samarbeid med: KPMG, PGGM, European Bank for reconstruction and Development og wbcds


Tittel: The Nordic market for Circular economy- Attitudes, Behaviours & Business Opportunities
Utgivelse: 2019
Utgiver: SB insight



Tittel: A framework for Circular Buildings- Indicators for possible inclusion in BREEAM

Utgivelse: August 2018

Utgiver: Circle economy

I samarbeid med: Dutch Green Building Society (DGBC), Metabolic, SGS Search, REDEVCO foundation


Tittel: Circular Prague

Utgivelse: Juni 2019

Utgiver: Circle Economy

I samarbeid med: INCIEN


Tittel: Pathways towards a German Circular Economy Lessons from European Strategies Preliminary Study
Utgivelse: September 2019
Utgiver: acatech – National Academy of Science and Engineering 

I samarbeid med: SYSTEMIQ



Tittel: Implementing Circular economy globally makes Paris targets achievable 

Utgivelse: August 2019

Utgiver: Framtiden i våre hender


Tittel: Circular Transition Indicators- Proposed metrics for business, by business

Utgivelse: July 2019

Utgiver: World Business Council for Sustainable Development 

I samarbeid med: KPMG


Tittel: Circular Cities 

Utgivelse: April 2019

Utgiver: Circle Economy

I samarbeid med: Holland Circular Hotspot


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