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Reports and insights

Circularity gap report -Norway

Our reports


i bygge, anggleggs og eiendomsnæringen

Norsk sirkulærøkonomi-


Global resources outlook

2019 - Summary for Business leaders

  Other reports 



The 15 circular steps for cities

Circular Cities –

Accelerate the transition towards Circular Cities

Building blocks

for the new strategy, Amsterdam Circular



Scaling the circular built environment

Building value

A pathway to circular construction finance

BNLs analyse -

Sirkulær økonomi i byggenæringen


Circular economy

Circular Economy; what we want to know and can measure

Implementing Circular Economy

The Circular Economy and Benefits for Society


The nordic market for circular economy 

Finish roadmap to circular economy 2016 - 2025

Från Vardekedja till vardecykel - så får Sverige en mer circulær ekonomi




Sirkulær framtid –

om skiftet fra lineær til sirkulær økonomi

Regjeringens handlingsplan -

for grønn skiftsfart

Pathays towards a German Circular Economy



Linear Risk

Circular Transition Indicators 

The EIB Circular Economy Guide



Circular Consumer Electronics

An initial exploration

Et bærekraftig svensk materialsystem 

A New Circular Vision for Electronics



1.5 degree lifestyle

Targets and options for reducing lifestyle carbon footprints

Ringen sluttes

 Mulighetsstudie for sirkulærøkonomi i prosessindustrien

You & Sustainability 

Are you connected to a city-, business - or like-minded organization and wish to learn more about how you can play a key role in a circular future?