Nordic Circular Hotspot

Nordic Circular Hotspot aims to establish a new collaboration between the Nordic countries with focus on circular economy. This will happen through dialogue, meetings and networking.


Today, there is limited cooperation between the Nordic countries surrounding specific initiatives for transition to circular economy. As a matter of fact, the Nordic countries have a lot to improve when it comes to UN’s sustainability goals on responsible consumption and production. 



Nordic Circular Hotspot

The Nordic countries have the world’s 11th largest economy. This creates good opportunities for efficient cooperation and well-functioning networks. It’s a suitable place to begin with circular innovations, products and initiatives.

Nordic Circular Hotspot aims to invite governments, cities, regions and companies to work closely together. The ambition is to find practical solutions for circular economies. These solutions will be available for the core industry as well as small and medium-sized businesses.



Why Nordic Circular Hotspot

If the Nordic countries successfully create a network for cooperation in circular economy, this can have the potential to become an international front figure for transition to circular economy. It will also strengthen the countries significantly as it will increase competitiveness, economic growth and innovation. 

Are you interested in being part of Nordic Circular Hotspot? 

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