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2020 Norway 

The world is only 8.6% circular,


we are working on measuring the degree of circularity in the Norwegian economy.

What is the Circularity Gap Report Norway

Circularity gap report Norway aims to analyse and evaluate how circular Norway is as a country. The report will establish a collective measurement for the Norwegian society as well as the Norwegian business industry. The report aims to measure the potential and possibilities Norway have and also the barriers and challenges Norway may face when it comes to circular economy. As a result we can implement actions plans to close the gap. The project creates opportunities for quantifiable improvements, which can form the foundation on preparation on relevant policy.


There is a great need for knowledge and a factual framework among researches, industry stakeholders and public authorities when it comes to the Norwegian circular status.

Through continuous annual reports on circularity we want to investigate whether the measures being implemented will reduce the circularity gap or whether new measurement is needed.

Who are working on the Circularity Gap Report

The project is organized to secure Norwegian, local anchoring with cooperation from the private and public. Circularity Gap Report Norway is based on well-known collaborative methodology from Circle Economy. The reports has gained recognition among market stakeholders, authorities and the research community.

Circular Norway together with Circular Economy, Virke, Skift, Avfall Norge, NITO, Forbrukerrådet, Naturvernforbundet, RENAS, Schibsted, Finn, NHO  and Ny Alyanse has officially started the Circularity Gap report Norway.

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