Circular economy is not a natural part of the built environment. 


For that reason it is necessary that actors across different fields come together to discuss and communicate new ideas surrounding circularity. The network for circular built environment is a result of the innovation project “Byggfloken” in 2018. 26 companies and organizations participated in the project, where the value chain of the built environment was highlighted. The goal for this project was to explore how the built environment can become more sustainable without generate any waste.   

The main findings from the project was that actors across traditional fields needs to cooperate to create new ideas for circularity.


As a result of this project, Circular Norway established the network for circular built environment.


What is the network for circular built environment?

The network for circular built environment aims to facilitate an arena where open-minded actors can meet and learn from each other. The intention is to stimulate new thinking and development of new ideas and projects. 


Who is behind the network?

Circular Norway and buildingSMART is the driving force for the network of circular built environment. A program committee has also been established to help develop the network's annual plan. The program committee works to discover new working environments with innovative ideas that can help accelerate the transition to a circular economy in the built environment.


What does it require to be a part of the network?

The network will have meetings every quarter. The meetings will involve; regular meetings, breakfast meeting as well as a study trip the members will attend. As a member you will gain good expertise and inspiration about circular economy in the built environment.

Interested in being part of the network for circular built environment?

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