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City scan 

Illustration from Glasgow city scan 

City scan is about integrating circular economy into the city that is selected for the program. City scan identifies the city's opportunities for a transition towards a circular economy. The program present practical and scalable solutions that can be implemented for the city to become circular. 


There are four phases in the City scan program. 


Phase 1: Local agenda – in the first phase the city is assessed on their current economic and political situation. This is important because it discovers the sectors that is important for the city's economy and politics. This sector will be further analyzed in the next phase. It varies what type of sector that is important for a city. It can be anything from housing and infrastructure, consumer goods, food and drink. Based on the first phase, we will be able to choose the most suitable sectors for the city / region to focus on. 


Phase 2: Material flows- the second phase is about getting an insight in the extent and nature of material flows in the key sectors, identified in phase one. The main goal is to identify the area with the greatest environmental impact and define where the economic and social potential for circular transition lies.



Phase 3: Circular innovations – During this phase, potential circular strategies are being developed. Potential effects and barriers are considered as the strategies are presented. The choice of strategies is made according to the regions local authorities and the industry and business community's wishes. The region's circular agenda is then ready to form an action plan.  



Phase 4: Action Plan - The final phase is to clarify important stakeholders for the process and elaborate on necessary phases that are needed in the short - and long term to achieve a successful transition to the circular economy.

Each phase takes around 3-4 months. The whole processes itself take approximately 12 months. 

The most important factor to succeed in the city scan program is good collaboration between business, government, industry and like-minded interest organizations. Its vital to involve the entire local community as it provides a greater potential for long- term change. 

City scan Kongsvinger

City scan Kongsvinger is up-and- running.

Are you interested in being a part of the city scan program?