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City Scan Kongsvinger

The region Kongsvinger in Norway, has together with Circle Economy and Circular Norway started a City Scan process. This analysis will focus on the value chain in the built environment. The process will take 12 months and is divided into 4 phases. After each phase, we will have workshop to anchor our findings and discuss the next phase. 


Focus on the value chain of buildings- and construction industry

This city scan process, focuses on the value chain in the built environment. It is an analysis of the material flows in this sector. The aim of this process is to find new circular solutions based on the analysis.  We want to make several pilot projects with solutions on how the region can reduce it’s waste, increase financial profits for businesses and increase employment.  


Circle Economy and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development have concluded that there are five circular business models in the built environment. These are; Circular Materials, Product as a Service, Extended Life Product, Sharing Platform and Resource Extraction. To learn more about these business models, read this report.



Each phase of the City Scan Kongsvinger Region has specific goals.

The goal for Phase 1 are:

  1. Mapping the main stakeholders in the built environment. 

  2. Understand the main challenges for actors connected to circular economy in the built environment.

  3. Be aware of the ongoing initiatives related to circularity in the value chain. 

  4. Have a perception on the guidelines, regulations and the standards when it comes to circular economy in the built environment (local, regional and national).

  5. Have an understanding of the political goals and strategies for circularity in the values chain (local, regional and national). 

How to reach our goals?

To reach our goals its important to do the first phase thoroughly as this is the foundation for the rest of the process. Circular Norway and Eva Snare, Business Manager in Nord-Odal Municipality have started the first phase of the city scan by interviewing central actors in the region


Interested in being a part of the City Scan program?