Scaling up the circular economy in cities

Tidspunkt: 3. juni 2019 kl. 09.30 - 11.00
til 3. juni 2019
Sted: Veranda Hall, Finlandia Hall
Arrangør: Holland Circular Hotspot, Circle Economy

This side session will share lessons and best practices from eight Circular Economy Hubs from all over the world.


Introduction: Why is scaling up the circular economy in cities so important?

  • Cities as the place of action
  • Facts and figures
  • Topics: buildings, energy, mobility, food, water, plastics and consumer goods
  • Collaboration and actions from all stakeholders

Interactive round-table discussions:
How can we make cities more sustainable in developed and developing countries?

  • Table 1: Actions from municipalities in developed countries (Zero Waste Scotland, INEC)
  • Table 2: Actions from municipalities in developing countries (co-sharing ACEN, CEPA)
  • Table 3: How can regions accelerate the circular economy (co-sharing AMEC, Circular Friesland)
  • Table 4: Actions from businesses (co-sharing OREE, EX4CB)
  • Table 5: Actions from consumers (Circular Change)
  • Table 6: The role of knowledge institutes (co-sharing Polish Circular Hotspot/Innowo, TCEN/TTRI)
  • Table 7: The role of CE hotspots (HCH, Circular Norway)
  • Table 8: Circular economy action based on the city doughnut (Circle Economy)

Panel with table moderators on the lessons learned


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