CEC19 – Enabling the transition to a circular economy

Tidspunkt: 3. juni 2019 kl. 11.30
til 4. juni 2019
Sted: Stathelleveien 35, 3970 Langesund, Norway
Arrangør: SINTEF, NTNU, Nord Universitet

Norway and the EU are prioritising a circular economy agenda to deliver the next generation of jobs, growth and investment. Research funds, innovation support, consumer demands and legislative requirements will provide opportunities for those businesses using resources more productively.

The Circular Economy Conference

The first conference dealt with «what is circular economy», number two, we looked at potential value creation by resorting to circular economic thinking. In the third of our series, the Circular Economy Conference 2019 will explore the barriers that remain and the tools for overcoming them in the Norwegian transition to a circular economy.

Our program of speakers will give insight and inspiration on how to achieve this transition within organisations, value-chains and society as a whole, with an eye on product and service development, regional networks and alliances, for exchange energy and materials, and new governance and business models based on circular economy.